• I spend about 4 days trying to get to 350 badges so I could build I got there 2 days ago, so  now I spent the last 2 days trying to get a compass so I can build.  It shouldn't take so long to get these would be better to have an option to request help from a friend or something along those lines!!

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    • Presuming you need to open more space in order to build.  A building or decoration doesn't require compasses, only time (once purchased) and building upgrades require both time and materials, but again, no compasses.  Try to save your coins for higher value Prestige decorations or you'll run out of room long before chapter 90!

      Oh-use your Move tool to lift some of your buildings to reveal available spaces hiding around them where some of your smaller decorations could be moved to.  I found lots of room that way.

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    • Absolutely - one of the "dirty little secrets" about Pearl's Peril is that those beautiful decorations can be painstakingly fashioned into an island tableau that would make the editors of Architectural Digest jealous.

      And you'll spend the rest of your time playing this game wishing you hadn't been quite so aesthetically pleasing.

      The truth of the matter is that the small value decorations take up a whole lot of your very limited building land - and earn you very prestige poiints. As the game goes on, it becomes harder and harder to achieve the prestige totals necessary to move on to the next scene - as you'll see by reading different threads throughout this board, most players spend a lot of time replaying scenes that they have already completed - just to earn those few thousand coins they need to advance.

      Save your coins like a miser - and use them only for the expensive decorations that provide a lot of prestige points. It makes for an incredibly dull-looking island, but the thatch umbrella that you'll find on Page 1 of the "decorations" tab (the fountain icon) takes just 6 hours to complete and provides 160 prestige points. Sold for 10,000 coins, it's a relative bargain. You'll be hardpressed to combine smaller, cheaper decorations into 160 prestige points - and they'll take up a heck of a lot more room on your island - eating into the precious building plots that you have available to you.

      Beautiful islands are a worthy endeavor, but ugly, repetitive islands generally provide a better gameplay experience.

      Just my 2 cents.....

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    • I opted for the cherry tree which also gives 160 prestige pts. for 10,000 coins. My island is covered in them! I also have taken advantage of the storage bin and put my extras in there. The first few are free, then 3 cash, followed by 5 cash. It's really helped reduce the cluttered look of my island.

      When considering a decoration, for the most bang for your coins, make sure that its cost is 62.5 coins per prestige point. There are a few that are 83.3 coins per pp. For instance, the Cockspur tree costs 50,000 coins for 600 pp. That's 83.3/1. Had I bought some item(s) with a 62.5/1 ratio, I'd have saved 12,500 coins!! I bought two of those, thinking that all the items had the same ratio of coins/pp. NOT!! Now, before considering a decoration, I check for the ratio. Even some of the smaller cost items have the higher ratio- you just have to do the math to figure out which ones.

      I never thought I'd spend $$ on this game, but I have. I occasionally take advantage of the special that's offered periodically. I'm willing to pay $1.99 to get 100 cash. The 10 energies and 1,000 coins are nice to have, but not what I'm after. I only spend my cash on upgrading my buildings (NOT decorations), to avoid the 7 day wait, and for storage space. Also, as far as the 7 day wait goes, I wait to pay for it until I'm totally stuck. If I'm already stuck when I buy a building, I pay the discounted rate of 24 cash. Otherwise, I play until I'm stuck. The amount of cash needed reduces as time passes. No need to pay until necessary. Also, sometimes I'll play scenes over while waiting for the next reduction, if I know it's coming soon. I've paid anywhere from 7-21 cash, avoiding the 24 or 30 at the beginning of the 7 day wait period.

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    • If you need prestige, the secret is to get as much prestige into a single space.  Some of the objects offer 160 prestige that covers 4 squares space.  That is not a good deal.  In the beginning, you may not have another option.  When possible, you want at least 100 prestige per square.  Often it will take a long time to earn that many coins, but it'll be worth it in the long run. Sometimes in the special seasonal shop, you will find deals that beat 100 prestige per square.  For example the Easter Shop which just ended offered eggs for 160 prestige in 1 square for 10,000 coins, ready in just 24hr.  That's a super deal.

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