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Denmark and Germany


Plot Summary

  • Pearl is happy for marrying Klaus and so is Iris. Klaus surprises Pearl by giving her the gift box and inviting her to Berlin with him.
  • At Unter den Linden, Klaus tells Pearl about his past when his parents didn't survive the Great War. Klaus joined Interpol because of his father who always wanted him to follow in his footsteps. He brings Pearl to Berlin to help him leave his old life behind. After telling his past, Klaus and Pearl spend one more day in Berlin and walk around.
  • They spend more time at Stadtschloss and Beer Gate. But, at the Beer Gate, Klaus sees the woman who looks like Lizzie. After that, they go to Brandenburg Gate until night. They go to Klaus' apartment for dinner.
  • At the apartment, Pearl finds the package but Klaus feels suspicious. He usually gets all his correspondence at the nearby post office. Interpol's regulations don't allow for its agents to give away any personal data. He tells Pearl that only few people even know his address, but they soon know the package is from Lizzie.
  • Lizzie also gave Klaus a bottle of champagne and a small note. Pearl reads that note, "A toast to your honeymoon. Love, Lizzie." Pearl knows Lizzie follows and hides behind them and clearly craves his attention, but Klaus can't care less and says nothing is going to stop him marrying Pearl. Then, Klaus and Pearl kiss.

Key Clues

  • The gift box from Klaus
  • German beer stein
  • The package from Lizzie

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