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Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Leya go to Tivoli Gardens and Leya suggests Pearl to move. She also suggests that someone who lives in your heart is just waiting for Pearl. Pearl remembers if Vincent, Iris and Klaus want to meet her. She wants Leya to come and join with her, but Leya can't join. Before Leya says good bye to Pearl, she says that Pearl will have to make a choice that will fundamentally change Pearl's life and she trusts Pearl will choice well.
  • Pearl meets Vincent and congratulates him for making progress with Iris and building a reputation as an archaeologist. But Vincent is aware about Wallace family and the Golden Mean which possibly makes Iris to get hurt because they have many enemies. Pearl tells him that the Golden Mean has been dissolved and they are free to live their lives any way they want to.
  • Pearl celebrates their reunion with Vincent and Iris. Pearl also tells Iris about the Golden Means, Léon and Marina. Iris tells Pearl about Klaus' resignation from Interpol and suggests her to meet him.
  • Pearl meets Klaus and spends more time with him at riverside. She really misses him. Klaus brings his mother's wedding ring, kneels on the ground and asks Pearl to marry him. And then, Pearl cries.

Key Clues

  • The collector's plate
  • The Viking relic
  • The wedding ring

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