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Finland and Denmark


Plot Summary

  • Marina explains to Pearl about the deal she made with the Finnish governments in exchange of information which they offered Marina protection, so Marina is properly angry if Pearl and Leya interrupts her plan. But Léon and Leya run first and disappear and before that, Léon gives Pearl the cryptic message, the drawing of a phoenix.
  • Pearl and Marina try to resolve that message, and Pearl knows that the phoenix means her red plane and Léon wants to escape by plane. Then, they meet Léon and Leya. Léon tells them that the planes are stored in a hangar and Pearl will ride one of the planes. They go to hangar and fly to Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • At the port of Copenhagen, they hide the plane and try to erase the tracks. Léon says that with the Russian and the Finnish goverments on their heels, even a former Interpol agent (as Pearl suggests with Klaus' help so they fly to Germany), can't hide them for long. They have to keep moving and Léon want to talk to Marina.
  • Léon knows how angry Marina is with him and he knows that Marina lets him escape back in Brazil, but he gets tired of hating Marina. When Léon hears the Finnish governments catch Marina, he thinks that is his chance to repay her mercy. Then the Finnish governments offer him a reward to betray Marina and he realizes how much he still care for Marina. Marina just listens what Léon says.
  • Marina decides to go with Léon and says good bye to Pearl and Leya because Marina and Léon are enemies of the Russian government and their only hope is to remain hidden for a long time. Pearl is sad and thinks she fails them and then, Leya cheers Pearl.

Key Clues

  • The drawing of phoenix
  • The smoked fish
  • Wire cutters

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