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Buffalo, New York and Interpol


Plot Summary

  • Pearl manages to disarm Lizzie and interrogates her. Pearl is angry and mad about Lizzie's delusion, but she tells Pearl that Klaus wants to something else so that Lizzie created a little gangster adventure for him.
  • Edwin and Iris are safe and tell Pearl that the outnumbered mobsters catch them and Lizzie betrays them. Klaus calls Interpol so that Interpol takes Lizzie into custody. He doesn't expect Lizzie to turn out to be an enemy after Luc.
  • Pearl and Klaus get more information from Interpol backup about Al Capone's case. The relaxed Lizzie admits it at Interpol.
  • When Interpol backup arrives, Interpol will escort Lizzie from Interpol to the prison by plane under the supervision of Pearl and Klaus, but somebody breaks open Lizzie's handcuffs and frees her. Lizzie runs by the plane as Pearl and Klaus can only watch her freed.

Key Clues

  • The Bottle of Irritant Gas
  • Combination Code
  • "Air Mail" Package

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