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Various locations in Canada.


Plot Summary

  • Pearl, Iris and Edwin help Lizzie and ask her what happened to Klaus, but she still doesn’t remember anything and seems to be in a state of shock. They find a mocking note from Capone suggesting that Lake Ontario will be their ‘final destination.’ What does he have in store for them?
  • They are all very worried about Klaus and Pearl becomes increasingly frustrated with Lizzie who seems not to be trying to help. Iris comforts Pearl, which gives her the strength to face the mob.
  • At the lake, Lizzie remembers something: she heard a loud waterfall while she was being held captive... She was blindfolded at the time but is sure that it must have been Niagara Falls!
  • They arrive at Niagara and find barrels of the alcohol. It’s highly likely that the gangsters plan to flush this batch in the falls - what if Klaus is a part of it? They open the barrels and find him... but he’s not breathing.

Key Clues

  • Note from Al Capone
  • Barrel Bar
  • Pigeon Loft

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