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Montreal & Toronto, Canada


Plot Summary

  • Pearl, Iris and Edwin go through the tunnel leading out of Capone’s jail cell. They begin to wonder whether following a notorious crime boss on their own is such a good idea.
  • They reach Toronto and consider what to do next. All they know is that they must proceed carefully so they don’t blow their cover. Lizzie and Klaus must have known something valuable to Capone for him to kidnap them.
  • They go to a police station in Toronto. Iris goes in to ask some questions under the guise of covering a story and finds out that Lizzie had been investigating a brewery in the Distillery District.
  • They go to investigate the brewery and see that the smugglers just left. They then hear a muffled voice and find Lizzie tied up in one of the rooms! They ask her what happened but she does not remember a thing…

Key Clues

  • Warning Sign
  • Distiller
  • Lizzie's Purse

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