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Seattle & Vancouver


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Klaus are worried about what might have happened to Lizzie. The kidnappers left clues suggesting they’ve gone to Vancouver, so they decide to look for them there.
  • Iris shows up when they arrive and Klaus is a little suspicious to see her. Iris explains that she’s ready to get back to her career as a journalist and want to help by writing an exposé on the smugglers. She also has a lead that takes them to a tavern in the woods.
  • They ask around in the tavern and it turns out that the bartender has seen Elizabeth in there a few times, and talking to men who he knows to be smugglers. He tells them about a hideout they have in the woods.
  • They make a stop on the road for the night before entering the woods. They hear footsteps... someone has set fire to the hut with the motorbikes inside!

Key Clues

  • Maple Mole Bottle Tray
  • Lizzie’s Earrings
  • Torched Motorcycles

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