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In and between Utah, Washington, and Seattle.


Plot Summary

  • Pearl is shocked by the possibility of batches of poisoned alcohol but Lizzie seems not to care. Pearl has had just about enough of her. They need to find out where the alcohol was shipped.
  • The group travel to Washington and consider what to do. INTERPOL informs them of a recent robbery at a chemical warehouse in Seattle and they decide to investigate. To avoid blowing their cover, they take two motorbikes on the road. Lizzie insists on traveling with Klaus, leaving Pearl and Thomas together.
  • Pearl expresses her dislike for Lizzie to Thomas, who once again, insists that she’s harmless. They consider the possibility that the robberies from the Golden Mean could be linked to the Smuggling operation.
  • They arrive in Seattle to meet a local contact. Lizzie goes to meet him alone and the others head for the chemical warehouse. They find a crate of Canadian alcohol with an anonymous note... someone has kidnapped Lizzie!

Key Clues

  • Motorcycle Helmets
  • Rental Service Sign
  • Vancouver Stamp

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