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In and around Texas, Utah, and Salt Lake City


Plot Summary

  • Lizzie recognizes Thomas and it turns out that the two are old family friends. Pearl asks Lizzie about the wire trap machine she had at the theatre, and what she meant by what she said. Lizzie says that the wire proved that someone’s following her and Klaus on their undercover mission.
  • Klaus invites Pearl to join them on their investigation and they head towards Canada to follow their suspects. Pearl finds a quiet moment to talk to him and confronts him about his close relationship with Lizzie. Klaus tells her that they are only partners. Thomas adds that he’s known Lizzie since she was a girl and that she’s just rather ‘forward’
  • In Utah, they discuss recent robberies from the Golden Mean. The organization has a brilliant security system yet artifacts from all over the world are missing. Reports of alcohol smuggling on the Canadian border could be linked. They fly to Salt Lake city to investigate a lead that came from Lizzie’s father, Charles Gordon.
  • They arrive at a launderette and Lizzie rushes in despite protocol. They find her next to the body of the dead man. She found cyanide poison on him! Were they poisoning the contraband alcohol?

Key Clues

  • Empty Beer Bottle
  • Cyanide Bottle
  • Poster of Lizzie

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