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Panama, Cancun, and the Mexican border.


Plot Summary

  • Léon is resting in a hut with Marina guarding him. Leya confesses to Pearl that she used Marina’s mission to catch up with Léon. She apologizes, but explains that she could not face her brother alone. Suddenly, there is a huge explosion - the hut is on fire!
  • Léon must have used the chemicals in the hut to cause an explosion and flee. He has disappeared once again. Leya suspects that he seeks solitude and does not go after him.
  • Marina has had enough of the whole debacle and leaves Leya and Pearl in Panama City after a curt goodbye. Pearl and Leya continue to the airport where they will then part ways. Pearl thanks Leya for the lessons she’s learned on their journey and Leya says that she’s really glad to have met both Pearl and Marina.
  • Pearl travels towards the border to meet Edwin in Texas. She feels as though someone is following her, when her old friend Thomas appears! It’s a lovely surprise but he seems concerned with getting her to ‘safety’. They then see another man lurking in the shadows... Klaus. Why has he come to meet her at the border?

Key Clues

  • Empty Matchbox
  • Marina ’s ID
  • Black Cowboy Hat

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