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Plot Summary

  • So it turns out that Percy Fawcett was Léon and Leya’s father. Marina is convinced that they’ve hidden the treasure from her. Have Léon and Leya been conspiring all along? Leya admits that she used their mission to track Léon down; knowing all the while that the treasure was long gone. Marina is furious and forces them to help her keep looking.
  • Marina makes a remark about Léon’s ‘unfaithful’ nature with reveals that her anger is, at least partially, that of a woman spurned. Pearl and Marina confront Leya, and she says how similar Marina and Léon seem to be... also in the way that they are both running from their past. This makes Pearl reflect on her relationship with Edwin and the Golden Mean. Marina and Pearl are softened by Leya’s insight - and untie her.
  • In Panama, Leya has chance to talk to her brother. Léon had urged his father, Percy, to go in search of the gold all those years ago, and so feels fully responsible for his death. Leya has found her father’s water flask and the group conducts an experiment... Fawcett’s water flask was poisoned - Léon was not responsible for the death of his father.

Key Clues

  • Marina’s Instructions
  • Photo of Percy Fawcett
  • Poisoned Water Flask

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