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El Dorado


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Marina are amazed by the city of El Dorado yet unsure why Leya is being so mysterious about everything. Marina is also still concerned about the whereabouts of Cleopatra’s treasure - even though the city is made of gold, it is not what her superiors asked for.
  • They explore further and reach the city’s treasure chamber - the treasure is not there. Leya tells them to follow her further and they find an ancient stone with a clue to where the treasure lies written in the Romani language.
  • After Leya translated the writing, Marina suddenly disappears and they presume she has gone to claim the treasure alone. They head after her, and see that someone else has set up camp in El Dorado - Léon!
  • Léon and MMarina’s traces lead them to the old city square... how exactly did Léon know where to go? Can he read the Romani language? Leya brushes off Pearl’s questions. When they make their way into the central building, Marina is holding Léon at gunpoint.
  • Léon says that the treasure is still nowhere to be found. He also tells them that his sister, Leya, can confirm he’s telling the truth!

Key Clues

  • Crystal Skull
  • Empty Treasure Chest
  • Cleopatra’s Tiara

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