Chapter 67




Plot Summary

  • Marina and Pearl wake up to find Marina’s purse lying next to them. What is this woman up to? She arrives again and asks them to talk with her somewhere quiet.
  • Her name is Leya, and she leads them to a gypsy caravan site that seems to be her home. Marina is outraged and does not trust her at all. Leya tells them that Marina’s superiors are wrong about the treasure being in Egypt - and that the truth lies in the Brazilian Rainforest.
  • Pearl is keen to go to the amazon with Leya, but Marina strongly disagrees. She doesn’t want to stick around to see what happens and leaves the scene. Pearl realizes that Marina has some of her paperwork and goes after her.
  • Pearl finds Marina and Leya at the train station. Leya had caught up with Marina and shown her a rare emerald - one of Queen Cleopatra’s jewels. Now both Marina and Pearl are convinced to go to the Amazon!

Key Clues

  • Tapestry
  • Expedition Map
  • Jewel

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