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The Azores, Portugal & Egypt


Plot Summary

  • Pearl is surprised to see Marina. It turns out that she has been sent on a mission by her Russian superiors and wants Pearl to come along for the ride.
  • They go to meet Edwin in the Azores first, and he tells Pearl that he wants her to lead the Golden Mean. She’s uncomfortable with the idea... she’s tired of the never-ending struggle between the Golden Mean and the Chaos Veil, and Edwin’s tendencies to manipulate people. She and Marina fly off to Egypt.
  • They arrive in Alexandria to meet an informant. As usual, he isn’t there and they decide to search for him in a nearby Bazaar. While they search, Pearl questions Marina, and it turns out that they are on a mission to recover Queen Cleopatra’s long lost jewels!
  • Suddenly, a woman snatches Marina’s purse and they try to chase the thief through the winding alleyways of the bazaar. They follow her to a dead end and see that she must have gone through the only door in sight. They force their way in and the woman seems surprisingly pleased to see them.
  • Sleeping gas sweeps over Pearl and Marina.

Key Clues

  • Instructions from Edwin
  • Ankh Signet Ring
  • Broken Pots

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