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Artemis Island & The USA


Plot Summary

  • So Akira was the killer. His father’s connection to the Golden Mean explains his vendetta and his knowledge of the Ultio. The group is left reeling at the top of the cliff. Vincent is safe... but Edwin has found a loose fuse suggesting that explosives have been set up in the area.
  • Edwin and Ignatius stay on Artemis Island to try to find and detonate any bombs there may be, and Pearl accompanies a distraught Iris back home to America. Edwin and Ignatius then meet up with Pearl in New Orleans... they tell her that trouble is on the horizon and that they are on their way to a meeting at the Golden Mean Headquarters.
  • Pearl meets up with Vincent to make amends. She feels awful for suspecting him and apologizes for falling for Akira’s lies. Vincent accepts her apology and explains that Akira offered to help him look into his family history, but that he never meant to keep it a secret.
  • Pearl suggests that Vincent and Iris both take a much-needed vacation. She heads back to her plane to fly to Artemis Island and finds Marina aboard the Phoenix...

Key Clues

  • Engraved Symbols
  • Golden Mean Scroll
  • Amulet

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