Chapter 64


Ireland & Polynesia


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Edwin rush outside to see what’s happened. While trying to chase Vincent, Iris and Ignatius were shot at, but managed to dodge the bullets.
  • They see that someone has taken a boat from the harbor. With rough sea conditions, they assume that Vincent has been forced to seek shelter on nearby Lambay Island.
  • The group head to Lambay Island and find the missing boat wrecked on the shore. No sign of Vincent or Akira. Pearl desperately wants to see everyone safe and sound no matter what Vincent may have done - she has experienced enough tragedy.
  • They enter a nearby lighthouse and see that the lighthouse keeper has been strangled to death. They find a note in Vincent’s handwriting suggesting that he’s on his way back to Artemis Island.
  • Back on Artemis, Edwin quickly goes off to investigate the house. Akira comes running towards them. He says that Vincent let him go but is on his way to find his next victim!
  • Ignatius vaguely recollects Akira’s family name and tries to remember why, when they see an elaborate trap, dangling what seems to be a covered body from a cliff. They save the body from falling and pull away the cloth... it’s Vincent shackled to the trap!
  • The killer was Akira all along. He says that his father was framed by the Chaos Veil and cruelly dispelled by the Golden Mean - deeply damaging his family. He then throws himself from the cliff top.

Key Clues

  • Boat
  • Footprints
  • Binoculars

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