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Plot Summary

  • After rescuing Dr. Meeks, the group flees to a nearby cottage. Could Vincent really be the killer? If so, whom is he trying to avenge with the Ultio?
  • They follow his trail to various locations around Ireland and it seems that Vincent had discovered a family secret... his parents did not die in a car accident like Edwin told him: Vincent is really the child of one of Edwin’s war comrades and an Irish woman named Claire Sullivan.
  • Claire was abandoned by Vincent’s father and vanished leaving the baby behind. Edwin was unable to find her and so took Vincent in.
  • They think that after finding out the truth, Vincent could be seeking revenge, and they go to investigate the village Claire once lived and go to her house. Upon entering, they see that someone has set up an elaborate shrine in her honor.
  • Suddenly, they hear gunshots and a scream coming from outside, it sounds like Iris...

Key Clues

  • Church records
  • ‘Blackrock’ coaster
  • Photo of Vincent’s mother

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