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Scotland and Ireland


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Iris arrive in Glasgow in search of Vincent and Dr. Meeks. Meanwhile, Edwin and Ignatius go to the Golden Mean headquarters in London to see if the killer left any evidence there.
  • They re-group in Edinburgh. Whilst in London, Edwin discovered that the killer had stolen Tara Sai’s files. He also saw that Dr. Meeks had been looking extensively into the Wallace family history.
  • One file left behind points them to Wallace Castle in Drogheda, Ireland. The old estate was abandoned in the mid 1600s during a time of political unrest, and they search for clues.
  • They find their way to a burial area with similar structures to Stonehenge. Dr. Meeks is tied to the top of the stones and is about to get crushed!
  • They manage to save Dr. Meeks... and it was Vincent who tied him up. Is he really the killer? If so, why?

Key Clues

  • Satchel
  • Tara’s File
  • Wallace Castle Painting
  • Scroll

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