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Chicago, IL, USA

Boston, MA, USA


Plot Summary

  • Pearl, Edwin, Ignatius and Thomas travel to Chicago to meet Iris and Akira. They go to the Chicago Gazette where Iris is working, and she and Ignatius are introduced.
  • The group wonders who could be behind the Ultio. It must be someone with both a vicious vendetta and a good knowledge of the Golden Mean.
  • Akira is supposed to be meeting them... but they find another cryptic message - he is being held hostage in Boston.
  • They arrive in Boston and find a newspaper article linking Akira to the murder of two policemen. Is he being framed?
  • Clues lead them to a maritime museum where a coffin is hanging from the mast of a ship. Inside, they find Akira’s business card, flecked with blood.

Key Clues

  • Killer’s Message
  • Newspaper Article
  • Akira’s Business Card

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