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Tierra del Fuego & King George’s Island, Antarctica


Plot Summary

  • Luckily, the water loosens the mortar on the jail cell and Pearl and Klaus manage to free the bars and escape the jail cell.
  • They follow Ryūjin, hoping he’ll lead them to another Vril site, and see him boarding a ship. They stow away in the cargo hold of the boat that later docks on King George’s Island.
  • Still following Ryūjin, they reach a tannery used by the Chaos Veil, and see Iris, Vincent and Agnes walk in, completely of their own accord.
  • The inside of the tannery leads to a huge ice cavern surrounding an abyss -similar to the one on Easter Island. Agnes, Vincent and Iris are standing at the edge and seem to be under some kind of trance. They are urging Pearl to follow Ryūjin’s path too, when suddenly, Agnes slips and falls into the darkness.

Key Clues

  • Boot Tracks
  • Barrel
  • Vril

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