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Easter Island, Artemis Island & Tierra del Fuego


Plot Summary

  • Ryūjin sinisterly tells Pearl that Vincent and Iris are of special ‘interest’ to him, implying that they are being held somewhere. He states that the Golden Mean and the current world must be destroyed to make way for a new age. Pearl is then detained in a grim holding cell.
  • Pearl manages to escape and flies back to Artemis Island. She meets with Dr. Grayson, who tells her that while Thomas Stone has recovered from the shooting, Edwin is in a coma.
  • Pearl and Thomas Stone head to the archives on Arcadia Isle to do some research on Vril in the effort to find an antidote. They discover that a meteor that hit in 900AD was made of the substance. Robert Wallace (Pearl’s great-grandfather) had previously feared its use as a weapon.
  • There is evidence that Antarctica is where the largest piece of Vril fell – so Pearl and Thomas Stone decide to investigate. They arrive in Tierra del Fuego on the way to the South Pole and Klaus meets them there.
  • Klaus point them to a nearby ex-military prison – a likely Green Dragon base. Pearl and Klaus break in to try and find Vincent and Iris, but Ryūjin appears. The cell is flooding, and Ryūjin locks the door...

Key Clues

  • Newspaper Article
  • Agnes’ Trunk
  • Obsidian Sphere

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