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India, Australia and Easter Island, Chile


Plot Summary

  • Pearl is distraught by Tara’s death and wonders just how much more she can bear. She and Iris talk to the police and then lay Tara to rest at a memorial spot.
  • They find evidence that Agnes has headed to Australia and decide to follow her there. Two things are on their minds: finding Agnes and finding an antidote for Edwin.
  • They discover that Agnes has been funding a Dr. Armitage heading a scientific expedition to Easter Island in the South Pacific, soon leaving from Brisbane.
  • They meet Vincent in Brisbane. He remembers seeing a connection between Easter Island and Vril in Edwin’s notes, so he, Pearl, and Iris go to investigate.
  • On Easter Island a dig has begun at the Rano Raraku site. The camp is empty and they sneak into a drilling shack on the edge of the meteor crater. They uncover an unearthly, glowing light from the ground… Iris has visions of fire and destruction.
  • Agnes enters and introduces Dr. Armitage aka Ryūjin – leader of the Green Dragons.

Key Clues

  • Newspaper Article
  • Agnes’ Trunk
  • Obsidian Sphere

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