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Artemis Island & Sikandra, India


Plot Summary

  • Thomas is only injured by the shot and is now also in the care of Dr. Grayson.
  • Pearl and Iris wonder what could possibly be driving Agnes. They fear that she is also behind Edwin’s illness and may go after Tara Sai next. They decide to head to India to try and stop her.
  • They meet with Tara in Sikandra, where she says that recently she has begun to suspect Agnes of being involved with either the Chaos Veil or the Green Dragons, and in Samuel’s death.
  • Tara realizes that the symptoms of Edwin’s illness sound familiar, and asks Pearl if she has heard of a drug called ‘Vril’, a mysterious poison used by the Chaos Veil in the past.
  • They go to meet a contact of Tara’s at the Taj Mahal who will have more information on the drug. When they enter the storeroom they arranged to meet in… they see the Golden Mean contact dead on the floor. Agnes then appears and shoots Tara point-blank.

Key Clues

  • British-Indian Passport
  • Agnes’ Address Book
  • Lotus "OM" Symbol

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