Chapter 53


Los Angeles, Artemis Island & Arcadia Isle


Plot Summary

  • Pearl meets Iris in Los Angeles on her way back to Polynesia and sees that Iris’ career as a reporter is going well. Pearl explains that the Green Dragons have declared war on the Golden Mean and worries that Iris too, is in danger.
  • A message arrives for Pearl telling her that Edwin has fallen into a coma back on Artemis Island. She immediately flies home and meets Dr. Grayson. He says he is unsure of the cause but that it looks like a poisoning.
  • Agnes tells Pearl that she found him collapsed in his study, and that recently he’d spent a lot of time on Arcadia Island, near to Artemis .
  • Thomas who is now recovered from his gas injury goes to Arcadia Isle with Pearl and Iris, and reveals ‘The Temple of Golden Hope’ – a sanctuary Edwin built for the Golden Mean.
  • They find a way in to see Agnes holding a gun… that she shoots at Thomas.

Key Clues

  • Message for Pearl
  • Photo with ‘Vril’ written on it
  • Temple of the Golden Hope

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