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Zadar, Italy, and then Corsica


Plot Summary

  • The chapter opens in the city of Zadar with Pearl and Ignatius. Marina and Klaus have gone to gather intelligence. Ignatius is convinced that Ryûjin, the leader of the Green Dragons, is also a member of the Chaos Veil, and is orchestrating the attacks to prevent any progress being made between the Chaos Veil and the Golden Mean.
  • They travel to Ravenna, Italy. Ignatius admits that losing his wife drove him to madness and his acts of evil with the CV in the past, but that he hopes to change and to contribute towards good now.
  • They are reunited with Edwin in Florence who tells them that he is heading to Corsica to make plans to return to Artemis . Pearl then meets Marina and Klaus who say that havoc is breaking out all over the globe – economies are breaking down and there are rumors of war. Pearl suggests returning to Artemis Island but Klaus and Marina resist for fear of being isolated.
  • Pearl, Edwin and Ignatius attempt to set off from Corsica by plane but are attacked by a group of thugs. Ignatius tries to get rid of them by going to set off an alarm in a nearby factory, when there is a huge explosion.
  • It seems impossible that Ignatius could have survived the blast. Edwin swears that his sacrifice will not be in vain, and reveals that he was in fact, Pearl’s real grandfather.

Key Clues

  • INTERPOL Message
  • Phoenix vs Dragon
  • Painting of Ignatius and baby Samuel

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