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Bulgaria & Greece


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Marina are troubled by the disappearance of Edwin and Klaus, and try to decide what they should do next; rest in Bulgaria or continue to Greece – the Golden Mean’s place of origin.
  • They discover clues that lead them to believe that they are being guided, first to the Nesebar Gardens, then an old monastery, and then a fortress where Ignatius is waiting for them. He tells them that Klaus and Edwin also narrowly escaped a Green Dragon attack.
  • Edwin has left them a clue pointing to the Belongradchik Fortress - it was here that the ancient Pactum of peace between the Chaos Veil and the Golden Mean was broken, resulting in war between the two.
  • Marina asks Ignatius why he abandoned the CV and began to help them. He explains that after his wife Pearl died he raged against a world that failed to save her, but that now he wants to restore balance between the two societies.
  • The chapter ends in Apollo’s Temple, where they hope to find the Pactum Concordia. Klaus and Edwin had got there before them as when they enter a secret chamber. They find Klaus who tells them Edwin and the scroll have been abducted by the Chaos Veil.

Key Clues

  • St. Rilski Icon
  • Roman Sword
  • Pactum Painting

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