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جزيرة ميكونوس، اليونان ومواقع مختلفة في تركيا


Plot Summary

  • After talking to Ignatius, Pearl, Klaus and Marina soon discover that he seems to have known Edwin for quite some time and might even have a deeper connection to the Wallace family.
  • Although he is a member of the Chaos Veil, Ignatius’ intentions appear to be good, and the three take a tour of his estate.
  • The mysterious man soon sends them to meet his old friend Edwin, who’s already expecting them at the Ruins of Troy.
  • Together, they all travel to Istanbul. Edwin then instructs Pearl and Marina to stay in the city, while he and Klauss go to meet Ignatius.
  • Pearl and Marina are furious and decide to do some research on their own, following Edwin and Klaus into the depths of Istanbul’s underground.
  • Thanks to Edwin’s notes, they are pointed towards an Oracle Room. After successfully finding a way in, they discover traces of a fight and an ancient symbol of the Green Dragons! Klaus and Edwin are nowhere to be seen…

Key Clues

  • Old Wedding Invitation
  • Trojan Horse
  • Evil Eye Stone

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