Chapter 46


Taiwan & San Francisco


Plot Summary

  • Pearl, Akira and Iris manage to contact Edwin and ask for help after escaping. They stop by a pineapple factory in Taiwan belonging to the Wallace Empire on their route back to San Francisco.
  • On arriving in the USA, they still feel uncomfortable and under threat from the Green Dragons. They wonder how to return the sword and decide to head to Chinatown where the Wallace family has connections.
  • Edwin has set up instructions that lead them to a meeting with the Drifting Crows Clan at the Fine Arts Palace. When they arrive at the palace, there is evidence of a struggle, and it seems that the Crows fled the scene.
  • They decide to head quickly to the Japanese consul. On arrival, they find the place is surrounded by Green Dragons. Eventually, they manage to divert the guards and climb through the consul window to return the sword.

Key Clues

  • Jewelry Box
  • Headband
  • Rising Sun Medal

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