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Plot Summary

  • Pearl, Thomas and Akira are desperate to find Iris. They realize that the World Peace Conference coincides with Iris’ abduction, leading them to the conclusion that Iris must have been following the Green Dragons.
  • While Pearl and Thomas are still getting used to the ways of their new ally Akira, he continues to prove himself by providing them with more information and granting them passage on a boat sailing to China. Every now and then they learn a bit about his past – when suddenly, the ship is attacked by Chinese pirates. Akira’s uncle pays the pirates off, and they learn of a ship travelling to Shanghai with a hostage aboard. Akira suspects that they are heading to a known Green Dragon hideout.
  • When they arrive, they find a message from Iris warning them not to follow: Pearl is their real target and Iris is being used as bait. Despite this information, the group continues to search for Iris. They head to Hong Kong - the Green Dragons’ seat of power. Pearl begins to wonder if the Dragons want to use her as leverage against the Golden Mean.
  • At the hotel, Pearl receives a message from Edwin asking that she abandon her quest immediately. Moments later, they are under attack. Their hotel room is sealed and poison gas is coming through the air vent.
  • They manage to break a window and escape, but the question remains: Who are the Green Dragons, and what is it they are truly after?

Key Clues

  • Origami Dragon
  • Burned Message
  • Jade Dragon

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