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Tokyo, Japan


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Thomas crash land near Tokyo and make their way to Iris’ hotel to find that she never booked a room there and that no one at the conference has heard of her.
  • Sensing something’s not right, Pearl and Thomas decide to alert the local US ambassador, but not even the authorities seem capable of helping them out.
  • In a Tokyo Nightclub, they find Iris’ notebook and meet a private detective named Akira Beckett who claims to have known Iris for quite some time. He offers to help and joins forces with Pearl and Thomas.
  • The three then realize that they are being followed by a group of masked men who appear to be ninjas, and so flee to the Iga region. It is the home of an ancient clan called the Drifting Crows.
  • They follow evidence of Iris to an old castle. They find signs of a recent battle and Akira recognizes symbols at the scene belonging to a criminal society called The Green Dragons. Suddenly, they smell smoke and see that they have been trapped inside a burning room.
  • They manage to escape and find a message from the Green Dragons: Iris has been kidnapped and they have stolen the sacred sword of Japan.

Key Clues

  • Calling Card
  • Iris’ Notebook
  • Green Dragon Symbol

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