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Honolulu, Hawaii


Plot Summary

  • Iris has departed for Japan and Pearl has hardly had a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery before she notices that she and Thomas are being followed.
  • The two manage to elude the followers by blending into the scenery, but on their way back to the hotel, they get a telegram from Iris saying she is onto a big story and she wants Pearl to join her in Japan.
  • Thomas doesn’t protest, but rather helps her pack. Pearl goes out to get a few things from the shop and gets a bad feeling about the people who are following them.
  • As soon as they leave the hotel and head to Pearl’s plane, they they’re tailed once again. Pearl and Thomas make a dash for the Phoenix. In order to buy some time for Pearl to prep her airplane for takeoff, Thomas creates a diversion with firecrackers, but then must also fix a fuel pump that’s been damaged. They succeed in getting the plane in the air, and not a moment too soon.

Key Clues

  • Hawaiian Shirt & Hat
  • Mu’umu’u
  • Japanese Riddle

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