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Various locations on Artemis Island


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Iris plan their well-earned holiday, and travel to Honolulu.
  • They settle in for a stay at Dr. Howard’s beach house, where Iris explains that she wants Dr. Howard to help her with a personal matter. She wants her visitations from spirits beyond the grave to end. Pearl feels guilty that she has used Iris as a medium in the past. She promises to help put an end to it in any way she can.
  • Pearl and Iris gather the necessary items for Dr. Howard’s ceremony. They visit a local voodoo shop and run into Thomas. He has an invitation for Iris to attend a peace conference in Japan. However, Iris is very determined to go through with the ceremony now that they have everything Dr. Howard asked for.
  • At the critical moment before her gift is renounced, Iris changes her mind and wonders if her gift might not be useful at the peace conference in Japan. She abandons the spell and begins to make preparations.

Key Clues

  • Voodoo Doll
  • Peace Conference Invite

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