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The World Fair, Liege

Various locations on Artemis Island


Plot Summary

  • Luc is arrested and Pearl demands to know why he murdered her father before he is taken away. He says that all their lives are meaningless and will soon be destroyed by science and technology.
  • Pearl and Klaus try to find Léon after he escaped into the crowd at the World Fair. Evidence leads them to the Port of Antwerp but at this moment, Pearl has no desire to chase him. Klaus continues and they part ways for the time being while she heads home to Artemis Island.
  • Edwin is pleased to see Pearl back on the island, and praises her for becoming his successor in place of Samuel. Pearl mentions that INTERPOL have invited her to become their first female agent.
  • Agnes and Thomas reveal that they are to be married. Pearl is happy for them, but can’t suppress her own sadness. She looks for a way to say goodbye to her father.
  • Pearl leads Iris to her father’s grave in the hope that she can communicate with him through Iris. It works, and Samuel expresses his pride, and his gratitude that Pearl was able to avenge his death and clear his name.
  • Pearl is pleased by this and longs to find the same peace with her mother. They visit her room and find a hidden chamber full of memories. Iris tries to channel Dorothy, but instead Grandma Margaret comes through and tells Pearl that her mother is at peace.
  • Margaret warns Pearl that Iris will embark on a mission of peace, and that if Pearl follows her, it will be the beginning of a second world war.
  • At the end of the chapter, Pearl decides to take a well-earned vacation!

Key Clues

  • Lion Heart Medallion
  • Samuel’s Obituary
  • Press Pass

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