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Liege, Belgium


Plot Summary

  • Pearl, Vincent and Klaus are feeling confident that their plan will work. The Polonium exhibit appears completely untouched and they break a water pipe that causes the science exhibit hall to be closed for repairs.
  • They find Léon and overhear a telephone conversation in which he reveals that the Chaos Veil will change their target to a pre-designated and unknown backup location at the fair. Léon also mentions that they have hidden protective gear and planned a means of escape.
  • The heroes continue to follow him with a sense of dread. Soon enough, they discover the protective gear and the evidence that Léon and the Mastermind will escape by boat. When they find the getaway motorboat, Pearl sabotages the engine. They then worry that they have lost Léon in the crowd.
  • They make an announcement over the PA system telling everyone in the crowd to be on the lookout for a masked man.
  • A clue leads them to the Ferris wheel where the Mastermind is at the top, preparing to release the polonium. Pearl fixes the controls to bring him down.
  • Now is the moment when Pearl will complete her father’s mission and finally unmask the Man in Black. When she pulls off the mask… she discovers that Luc has been the Mastermind all along.

Key Clues

  • Gas Masks
  • Ferris Wheel Souvenir
  • Luc Alban
  • wrench
  • Wet shoe print
  • Battery Light
  • Lifesaver
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Loud Speaker
  • Status Board

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