Chapter 38


Zurich & World’s Fair in Liege, Belgium


Plot Summary

  • Klaus has defused the bomb and rescued Pearl and Vincent. He says he has been tracking them since realizing he was being framed aboard the Graf Zepplin. Pearl is dubious that he would set the bomb, then save them from it, and so believes him. As they search for clues, they discover a ticket for the World Fair in Liege, Belgium.
  • When Pearl, Klaus and Vincent arrive in Liege on the eve of the World Fair, they quickly realize that it would make a prime target for another Chaos Veil attack, with millions of visitors expected. They search the entire grounds for any evidence of a plot. Though Pearl and Vincent are still somewhat suspicious of Klaus, they decide to split up to cover more ground, which gives Pearl and Klaus the chance to be alone.
  • Pearl reveals that she believes Klaus and that she still has powerful feelings for him. He too has strong feelings for her. They see that the science exhibit would be the perfect location for a Chaos Veil plot when they learn that the organization holds the conviction that science will be the ruination of mankind. They suspect that sabotaging a science exhibit would fit the Chaos Veil agenda perfectly.
  • Inside, they discover that one of the exhibits has been tampered with and now contains a real sample of the highly radioactive Polonium, which, if disbursed, would poison anyone it came in contact with.
  • Pearl’s steady hands save the day: she manages to secure the toxic substance using a mechanical arm so that the exhibit is harmless. However, they then decide that the best way to catch the Mastermind would be to leave everything as it was to lure him in.

Key Clues

  • World’s Fair Poster
  • Geiger Counter
  • Polonium

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