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Paris, France 

Zurich, Switzerland


Plot Summary

  • Armed with new information from the INTERPOL file, and encouraged by the discovery that Pearl’s father was actually an INTERPOL agent, Pearl, Vincent and Léon visit the homes of both Klaus and Luc, (both missing) in hope of finding something that will finally exonerate her father and that will help them identify the Mastermind.
  • They discover from pictures in Klaus’ apartment that he was conducting research on The Golden Mean, but nothing that conclusively links him to the Chaos Veil. They are dismayed to find that the identities of some members of the Golden Mean may have been so compromised.
  • Taped to the back of one of the photos, they discover a key to Luc’s home. At Luc’s place, Pearl realizes that it is a bit strange that she was never invited into Luc’s home, given their relationship.
  • At Luc’s they discover a map that pinpoints the Chaos Veil strike points. It also has a gold pin on Zurich. Léon speculates that Luc might have discovered where Pearl’s father hid the Chaos Veil gold. A warm cup of tea also suggests that someone else has been there recently.
  • The trio arrive in Zurich and Vincent fills them in on Zurich’s rich history as a banking center. Shortly after their arrival, Léon disappears. He leaves behind a mocking note. After calling around to various banks, Pearl identifies the bank where her father has an account. She expects to find it difficult to get the bank to cooperate, but instead, they have been expecting her as his beneficiary. Inside his deposit box, rather than the gold, they find a note from her father telling her to pay a visit to his old friend, Ernst Gerstner.
  • They learn from Ernst’s widow that he passed away many years earlier, which tips them off that the gold might be at his burial site, as he passed away long before Pearl’s father’s death. At the cemetery, Vincent and Pearl find their way into the mausoleum, and discover the long-sought after Chaos Veil gold!
  • No sooner do Pearl and Vincent have the treasure in hand than Léon and the Man in Black appear. Pearl and Vincent are tied together inside the mausoleum with a bomb between them. Léon lights a very long fuse and seals them inside the crypt.

Key Clues

  • Photo of Luc
  • Bank Box
  • Man in Black

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