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Prison Isle, The French Riviera & Paris


Plot Summary

  • With the assassin out of the way, Pearl must face the truth about her father and his murder. Is Léon telling her the truth? Why should she trust him? Léon claims he doesn’t know the Mastermind’s true identity but seems willing to help her track him down.
  • He gives Pearl and Vincent an address to a mansion on the French Riviera. Perhaps she will find clues there that will reveal the truth about who her father really was and his connection to the Mastermind.
  • At the mansion, which Léon says her father owned, and which was a Chaos Veil meeting place, Pearl finds evidence that points to Léon ’s old cottage. That was the place where Pearl and Iris, chasing after Marina, found the murdered banker Mr. Blaylock.
  • According to Léon, Blaylock was sent to Paris by Samuel to deliver a message to INTERPOL. He never got there. Someone murdered him at Léon’s cottage. Pearl thought it had been Léon who killed Blaylock but he claims that maybe it was Marina or, more likely, the Mastermind. At Léon’s cottage Pearl finds clues that point to INTERPOL and its evidence room.
  • In order to covertly access the basement evidence room, Pearl, Vincent, and Léon must travel through the sewers of Paris. Once in the evidence room they find clues to an active INTERPOL investigation of the London bombing as well as files on both Luc and Klaus . Are they under investigation as well?
  • They also find a vault that must contain INTERPOL’s most classified documents. Once the vault is cracked, Vincent finds the package Mr. Blaylock was delivering - but it’s empty. Pearl finds a file that fills her with joy: Her father wasn’t part of the Chaos Veil… He was really working for INTERPOL as an undercover agent.

Key Clues

  • Riviera address
  • Black Pearl
  • Evidence Tag

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