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Reef Island, The Pacific Paris, France


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Dr. Meeks visit Reef Island to meet with Dr. Eleanor Lauren, a local zoologist. Pearl tries to warn her about the approaching typhoon, but Dr. Lauren is reluctant to leave her precious dolphins. After some convincing, she goes with Pearl and Dr. Meeks
  • On Artemis Island, Thomas mentions that they’re having some trouble with the animals in the wildlife reserve, and asks Dr. Lauren for help. They are panicked by the approaching typhoon.
  • The storm is rapidly approaching, and they start to trace the Weathertron’s signals - they’re coming from the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • They arrive in Paris. The Weathertron is using the tower as a huge broadcasting antenna. If they can destroy the tower’s lightning rod and then transmit a charge strong enough to destroy the device…
  • Tara Sai manages to generate a storm from her device back in Nevada that hits the Eiffel Tower and explodes the Weatherton! But amidst the rubble, Pearl finds an Interpol ID… Luc or Klaus?

Key Clues

  • Barometer
  • Radio Map
  • Interpol ID

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