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Havana, Cuba and Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Dr. Meeks arrive in Havana to find the area blanketed in ice and hail - unusual extreme weather caused by the Chaos Veil’s Weathertron device. The Cuban people are not prepared for such a calamity and the capital city is a disaster.
  • Pearl discovers a large cave system nearby and tries to lead the people to shelter. While organizing efforts to supply the beleaguered people of Havana, Pearl and Dr. Meeks learn of another plot to bring monster dust and wind storms to Oklahoma.
  • Once in Oklahoma, as a huge dust storm and funnel clouds approach, they rapidly try to find those in need of help and shelter. There’s nothing Pearl and Dr. Meeks can do to prevent the weather onslaught, and they find shelter in a barn as the storm hits.
  • In the aftermath, Pearl and Dr. Meeks search for survivors. They find a family trapped in the cellar of their damaged farmhouse and manage to dig them out. It seems the Chaos Veil has the ability to strike anyplace on Earth.
  • Overheard on a radio, there is news that an unusually large typhoon is developing in the South Pacific. The Chaos Veil is now targeting Artemis Island.

Key Clues

  • Tourist Brochure
  • Megaphone

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