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London, UK The Andes, Peru


Plot Summary

  • Recovered from the blast, Tara invites Pearl to her London apartment. Tara Sai doesn’t remember much about the kidnapping since she was sedated throughout the ordeal. Pearl is agonizing over the fates of both Luc and Klaus . The idea that Klaus is a traitor is especially difficult for Pearl. There is also the fact that she was unable to recover the blueprint for the Weathertron.
  • If the Chaos Veil unleash their own version of the device, the world would be at risk of unimaginable devastation. While in Tara’s secret study, they receive a distress signal from Dr. Meeks who is currently conducting an archaeological dig in the Andes of Peru. Tara gives Pearl a special experimental compound, Instant Ice - that might be of help.
  • Upon arrival in the Andes, Dr. Meeks tells Pearl of a sudden melting of glaciers that threatens numerous Uros villages along the Lake Titicaca valley – not to mention his own excavation site. Pearl tells the doctor that this is the work of the Chaos Veil and their new Weathertron. By using the Instant Ice in Lake Titicaca, they are able to slow down the rising the waters, but it’s not enough to completely stop the flooding.
  • By using the ancient floodgates on the lake they will be able to divert the waters but at a cost. They can only save the villages or Dr. Meeks’ excavation site. Not both. Though the site is a lifetime’s worth of study and work to the doctor, the choice is easy. The villages must be saved. Through some quick work, the floodgates are opened and the Uros avoid destruction.
  • Even though this Chaos Veil threat was thwarted, news comes of another disaster in the making... it’s hailing the size of baseballs in Havana! And the Chaos Veil is demanding half of Cuba’s gold reserve as ransom.

Key Clues

  • S.O.S Message
  • Deep Sea Thermometer
  • Floodgate Seal

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