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Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Vincent are okay after the explosion that destroys a good portion of the pub. They are frantic and must find a way through the blast debris to both Luc and Tara .
  • Once inside amongst the destruction, they make their way towards the basement bunker where they believe Tara Sai is being held captive. They hope that she was far away enough from the explosion to escape harm.
  • They find evidence that someone else has been moving through the debris. As they enter the passageway leading to the Golden Mean basement bunker, they discover that their way is blocked by rubble. They also find evidence that Luc could be dead.
  • At the entrance to the bunker they are stopped by more booby traps. After disarming the traps and clearing a path, Pearl and Vincent enter the bunker and find Tara Sai alive, though barely breathing and with a weak pulse. Luc is nowhere to be found.

Key Clues

  • Tara’s Shawl
  • Luc’s Badge
  • Threat Map

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