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North Dakota, Nevada


Plot Summary

  • A search of the vault reveals more information about Project Nimbus, a secret weather related project in a location known as Area 49 at Camp Muroc, a deserted Army Air Corps base in Nevada. They uncover more weather related evidence.
  • At the base they see signs of devastation and find more evidence that something terrible happened there. They discover a device called The Weathertron, which Tara Sai had developed to help create rain for drought stricken areas of the world — particularly her own India. But something went wrong and the Weathertron produced huge violent storms and tornadoes.
  • After the last devastating event, the base was evacuated and the project terminated. Pearl and Luc find the project’s bluebook (plans) and Pearl sabotages the device.
  • Though the device is now inoperable, the Chaos Veil wants the plans in return for Tara’s safe return. Pearl and Luc know that if the Chaos Veil could restart the project, the Weathertron would be a weapon of incredible power.

Key Clues

  • Damaged Weathervane
  • Graph Recording Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Blueprint for the Weathertron

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