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Various locations in the USA


Plot Summary

  • The Graf Zeppelin lands in New Jersey, America. Luc joins the party as a member of security and things are a little awkward between him and Pearl to begin with.
  • When they reach New York, Iris also joins them to cover the Zeppelin’s arrival in America. Pearl tells Iris that she thinks she’s falling in love with Klaus.
  • There is evidence of an assassin on board. As Pearl enters her cabin, she discovers Tara Sai has smuggled herself aboard! Tara tells Pearl that vital information has been leaking from the Zeppelin and that they are being spied upon. Tara also questions Pearl’s relationship with Klaus.
  • A search of the cabin reveals a microphone and a transmitter. Pearl goes to Captain Vogel’s cabin only to witness a masked man shoot the captain. The captain dies in Pearl’s arms and she is devastated. Tara tells her to fly the Zeppelin while she goes to warn Luc and the president.
  • The zeppelin’s fuel system has been sabotaged and Pearl must find a way to fix it. She manages to save the zeppelin… but the noble Captain Vogel is dead, Tara Sai is missing and presumed kidnapped, and Klaus is missing!

Key Clues

  • Fake Mustache
  • ID Card
  • Microphone
  • Map of South Dakota

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