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London, England - Lake Constance, Germany – Aboard the Graf Zeppelin.


Plot Summary

  • Pearl and Tara meet in London to discuss the recent revelation. Tara praises Pearl’s fieldwork and sends her to Germany to learn more about the Graf Zeppelin.
  • Pearl takes German-born Klaus Weber with her. They meet the commander of the zeppelin, Captain Vogel, at Lake Constance.
  • Captain Vogel is impressed by Pearl, and invites them on the zeppelin’s next journey. On board, Klaus becomes suspicious of the captain’s behavior – he is secretive about the ship’s cargo and passenger list.
  • Pearl is given the challenge of learning to fly the zeppelin and they take flight. Klaus makes his feelings for Pearl clear at the end of the chapter.

Key Clues

  • Passenger List
  • The Kingsbridge Pub, London
  • Crates with warning signs
  • Pilots Wings

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