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Paris, France & Prison Island, Gulf of Mexico.


Plot Summary

  • Léon has been handed over to the American authorities and Pearl and Klaus fly back to INTERPOL in Paris.
  • Just as Klaus is about to invite Pearl out for dinner, Luc shows up and tells Pearl that he has a message from Edwin – she’s to meet him at the Louvre.
  • Edwin isn’t there; a woman called Tara Sai is in his place. She is head of the Golden Mean and also knew Pearl’s mother. Tara gives Pearl the task of finding Léon and finding out from him what the Chaos Veil’s next target is.
  • Reluctantly, Pearl asks for Luc’s help, and they find Léon on an island prison off the Florida Keys. Once on the island they realize that the Chaos Veil is also there – to rescue or to silence Léon?
  • While Luc creates a diversion, Pearl breaks into the prison and injects Léon with truth serum. The Chaos Veil’s next target is the German Graf Zeppelin - with the American president aboard!

Key Clues

  • Truth Serum
  • Soviet Extradition Papers
  • Poster of the Graf Zeppelin

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