Moscow, Russia.


Plot SummaryEdit

  • After the shooting at the lake, Pearl is in Russian custody. Klaus arrives and tells her that she has permission to leave the country - providing she keeps quiet about the gold.
  • Marina sends word that she’s alive. She also suggests that Léon could be in a nearby hospital after the shooting. Pearl and Klaus investigate a local hospital where a wounded man matching Léon’s description was seen, but they are too late.
  • The Russian police are also on Léon’s tail and an INTERPOL informant tells Pearl and Klaus that they’ve spotted him in the nearby warehouse district.
  • Pearl and Klaus go to investigate and follow a trail of blood to find Léon cornered in one of the buildings. Instead of going into the building, they divert smoke from the furnace into the room to force him out ... and he surrenders.

Key CluesEdit

  • Souvenir Doll
  • Salvage Operation Contract for Lake Baikal
  • Kolchak’s Gold

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