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Moscow, Russia.


Plot Summary

  • Luc manages to send an S.O.S. message to Klaus from the Russian prison using a hidden transmitter and Klaus then bribes the police to let them go.
  • Pearl and Luc make their way to Fort Omsk and then Lake Baikal looking for Kolchak’s gold. They find evidence to suggest that Léon is on the same path. Luc seems irritated by Pearl and accuses her of being obsessed with her search for Léon and for using him along the way. They part ways in Siberia.
  • On a train to Irkutsk, Pearl finds Marina. They team up again and Marina tells Pearl that Léon is on the very same train...
  • When they arrive at the lake, someone has already set up a pulley system to remove the gold from the water. Before they can retrieve the gold, Léon appears and both Marina and Léon draw their weapons.
  • Marina says that the gold belongs to Mother Russia and that no one else will have it. She is shot and plunges into the lake with the gold.

Key Clues

  • Souvenir Doll
  • Salvage Operation Contract for Lake Baikal
  • Kolchak’s Gold

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