Chapter 20


Artemis Island



  • Pearl, Iris and Edwin return to Artemis Island. Pearl has a message from Luc and Iris has interest from a publisher in New York.
  • Pearl and her Aunt Agnes catch up and Agnes gives Pearl her mother’s scrapbook full of family photos. Pearl notices Agnes’ weapon collection - has danger always haunted the Wallace family?
  • Pearl and Iris visit Pearl’s grandmother’s grave and Margaret’s ghost once again possesses Iris. She warns: ‘On a day without night, a love dies. The signs are here.’ Pearl hopes that this love is not the one between her and Luc.
  • Edwin has a surprise for Pearl and leaves clues leading to her new plane, The Phoenix!
  • At the end of the chapter Pearl finds a photo of Agnes and Thomas suggesting they’re romantically linked... Maybe that’s enough exploring on Artemis Island for now. Pearl heads to Paris to see Luc.

Key Clues

  • Knife and Dagger (Agnes’ Room)
  • Broken Heart (Cemetery)
  • The Phoenix (Sugar Cane Field)
  • Photo of Agnes and Thomas (Various)

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