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Plot Summary

  • Pearl, Vincent, Iris and Sanat arrive in Atlantis and spot the ‘Behemoth’ - a Chaos Veil submarine, from the Seadragon deck. Pearl suspects that they are making a deal with Cyrus to get Atlantean weapons in return for the city’s freedom.
  • They enter the observatory and see a globe with two locations lit up: Atlantis and Artemis Island. Cyrus plans to sink Artemis!
  • Father André appears and says that in a few moments, Cyrus will flick a switch to destroy Artemis Island for resisting the ‘new world order’. However, Sanat Kumara notices that they have miscalculated the device again and so Artemis Island is safe.
  • The waves from the device cause an avalanche and Pearl, Vincent, Iris and Sanat Kumara manage to take cover. The rock fall has destroyed the gravity tuner - but how will they restore Edwin?
  • They manage bring Edwin back to life by hitting the right note on a bell in the sculpture garden that causes a certain sound frequency. They also turn Cyrus to stone, in the image of Atlas – bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Key Clues

  • Celestial Globe (Scene: Atlantis Reef)
  • Coded Message (The Observatory)
  • Cyrus Imprisoned (Sculpture Garden)

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